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Owner Sarah Daly brings over a decade of experience working for an area television station, a handful of advertising agencies and as a marketing director for several national clients. Sarah’s experience as a commercial writer and producer for an area television station taught her not only to look for the best solution for a client, but further stressed the need to develop a full blown marketing plan to take mid-sized business names from mentioned to memorable. Then working for four of the top five advertising agencies in Kansas City, Daly became an expert at pinpointing the needs of clients like Time Warner Cable, USAA and Procter and Gamble, and distributing a creative roadmap for their marketing objectives. Now as a business owner herself, Daly brings a unique insight into the development of marketing plans and creative execution. Knowing that creating the highest possible ROI is key to keeping a mid-sized business owner engaged, Daly thrives working alongside her client base to create marketing and advertising vehicles that don’t just stuff her portfolio, but stuff new business into her client’s sales pipeline.

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